ROV Services

Vessels, Dams, Aquaculture, Water Tanks, Marine Construction Projects, Marina support - Quality 4k imaging that supports your inspections and surveys.

Our ROV’s include both the Deep trekker DTG3 and also the Chasing M2.

Both machines are recognised as best-in-class: small and agile devices that produce incredibly clear 4K imagery with lighting at 4000 lumens. We can dive operationally to 100 metres with ease.   Our pilots are master operators, with hundreds of hours of operational experience.

We offer a fast turnaround and coming out of Covid lockdowns we now service every part of Australia with travel costs added to our extremely affordable rates.  

Let us support your surveys and assessments with our responsive and affordable ROV service. Whether it is a condition report for a fire tank, inspection of shark nets, seabed searches for lost objects or supporting marine surveyors with class inspection of vessels, we offer fast, cost-effective service anywhere in Australia.