About Us

Batavi Projects started out in project management, primarily within the Maritime Sector. 

With an extensive background in the maritime industry, including marine salvage operations and experience gained in Police special operations,  we began applying what we had learned in real time crises  to organisational resilience – world class best practice. 

Combine this with our love for marine technology and we have two very different service offerings that are business resilience and ROV operations. We love delivering both passionately to our clients!

ROV Solutions was initially a hobby and an interest that has become a passion.  We soon realized that offering a cheaper solution for industry that required quality in-water still imagery and videography could be achieved at a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial dive companies, who operate complex ROV systems with significantly higher overheads. 

We also saw that we could reduce time and risks with our model. 

We have smaller overheads and can deliver faster, more flexible options for the marine and facilities management sectors.   

With a background in commercial diving operations we knew the costs and risks associated with commercial dive teams were significant.  We decided that the solution was to make available to industry smaller, more compact, cost-effective inspection ROV’s, operated by trained divers and pilots.  

The best thing about our operations is that we are all still commercial divers and can get in the water if we need to.