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Marine Structures

ROV Solutions can conduct high resolution 4k still photography and videography for surveys and assessments of wharves, pylons, pontoons or any other subsea object including underwater pipelines.

Vessel Inspections

Our ROV’s can create high quality underwater imagery on any size vessel with over 200 metres of cable.  Our service is ideal for checking the condition of anodes, inlets/outlets, bow thrusters or propulsion gear.  Whether it is supporting Marine Surveyors during a class vessel inspection or assessing the condition of a yacht, ROV Solutions provides a safer, quicker and more cost effective solution than commercial dive companies.

 Tank Inspections

ROV Solutions commercial inspection class remote observation vehicles are small and highly monueverable, making them perfect for high resolution inspection of commercial fire tank systems of any size.  

Rapid and affordable imagery can be provided live or within 24 hours.